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Don Brandon Ray
Partial List of Compositions
Date Title and Source Performed, Published or Resources
1957 four G.E. Theater scores Scored & aired on CBS-TV, unregistered
1968 Let Joy Resound For SSAATTBB
Lawson Gould, New York
1969-81 Hawaii Five-0 scores (200+) Aired on CBS-TV, Blackwood Music, New York
1972 Symrock Suite in four movements (score is lost)
Long Beach Symphony, DBR cond.
1973 Let Joy Resound
text: Basil Swift
Lawson-Gould Music Publisher
1973 Tommy's Gone to Hilo Folk song arr. for SATB
Neil Kjos Music
1974 The Vashons CBS Movie-of-the-Week; Blackwood
1976 A Serenade for Laurel Suite in four movements (score is lost)
Long Beach Symphony, DBR. cond.
1978 Sins of My Youth
Texts by Lin Yutang, Housman, T. Hardy and Hilaire Belloc
Song cycle for medium voice & piano
Aired on National Public Radio
1980 Overture 1980 For full orchestra
Long Beach Symphony Concert, DBR cond.
1986 Homestead Dances, Suite #1
  1. Grand Walkaround
  2. Waltz for Young Lovers
  3. Stomp dance
  4. Wedding Waltz
  5. Grand Walkaround (reprise)
For two oboes and strings
American Chamber Orchestra
Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
1988 Scherzi Musicale (Monteverdi) Edited for SATB and instruments (ad libitum)
1990 A Serenade for English Friends
  1. Barcarolle
  2. Remembrance
  3. Scherzo Ecossaise
  4. Sans Souci
For string orchestra & quartet
COTA Symphony; Periphera
Later aired on National Public Radio
1991 Overture al Fresco For chamber group (1111,2,211,P)
on LACMA Sunday broadcast (KUSC)
1992 Of Joyous Memory (strings)
  1. Pavanne & Fugue
  2. Nursery Tune
  3. Invention
  4. Sarabande
  5. Rustic dance
For quartet and string orchesra
COTA Symphony; Periphera
Later performed by Ruckart Orch. (Dublin)
1994 Family Portrait
  1. Saturday Night
  2. Grandpa (the Patriarch)
  3. Grandma (the Matriarch)
  4. Fred (the eldest Son)
  5. Lottie and Ross (the Lovers)
  6. Rembert (the Go-Getter)
  7. Ruby (the would-be Vamp)
  8. Carl (the Lost Soul)
  9. Leah (the Free Spirit)
  10. Don Ed (the Good-Hearted)
  11. A Death in the family
  12. L'Envoi
Suite for Narrator & Chamber Orchestra
(1111,2,220, keyboard, perc., strings)
Selections from this work included in the CD of the Piano Concerto (Albany 2004)
1996 Homestead Dances, suite #2
  1. Ladies of the WCTU
  2. Waltz: Family Life
  3. The Quilter's Dance
  4. A Waltz for Old Lovers
  5. The Field Hands' Dance
For two oboes and strings
2000-03 Piano Concerto
  1. Allegro Pesante
  2. Moderato
  3. Scherzo a la Burlesca
  4. Allegro Giacosa
For piano & full orchestra
CD by Albany Music (release in 2004)
2003 Concerto da Camera #1
  1. Allegro
  2. Moderato
  3. Ragtime
For Piano & nine instruments (0202,2,200,P)
To be premiered in Dublin, March, 2005
2004 Concerto da Camera #2
  1. Barcarolle
  2. Remembrance
  3. Sans Souci
For two solo violas and string orchestra
To be premiered in Dublin, March, 2005